Do you need a Domain or Website Hosting?

Growing your business in this digital age requires a consistent online presence. But finding an online address for your brand needs a good amount of consideration. You need to know:

Is the domain you want available?

Should you get a .com, or a .au, and what’s the difference?

Is the Business Name, ABN, ACN available?

Do you need to register and protect your rights through IP Australia?

We provide Australian based fast servers that are Wordpress optimised for our web hosting services. We understand that small companies need a low cost and viable plan, and that’s why we’ve come up with an affordable hosting price for our customers. 

Dezign Digital Offering

To make things easier for you, Dezign Digital offers a comprehensive Domain Hosting service to create a unique online address for your brand. Our web hosting service is led by an experienced team of website developers, domain, and hosting specialists who collaborate to build and design the perfect website for you. We take care of all the technicalities and hassle of finding and registering a suitable domain and hosting platform for you. Our dynamic approach and swift service help you design your dream website from scratch in no time.

For every start-up and small business that does not want to go through the hassle of finding an ideal domain and hosting provider in Australia, all your worries end here with Dezign Digital.

Domain Registration Services

Domains are your brand’s online identity and that’s why you need to choose them carefully. Our skilled team of experts handpicks the perfect domain for your business that reflects your values and goals, while also being search engine friendly. Buying domain names is a breeze with Dezign Digital.

Your domain plays a considerable role in deciding your SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) ranking. We aim to deliver domain names that will go up the SERP ranks to give your brand wider exposure to your target audience.

If your domain name isn’t search engine friendly, you will have a hard time attracting organic visitors. That’s why we focus on providing domain names that are:

Short & Catchy

Reflect your niche

Have the right extension

Are easy to remember and search

Do not include numbers or symbols

Are free of copyright and trademark infringement

From a sea of millions of potential domain names, we only select the best of the lot with enough options for you to choose from.

3 Steps To The Perfect Domain Name

You can explore a thousand options for your domain registration and even if you run out of ideas, Dezign Digital will be able to help. From short and catchy to simple and straightforward, let the domain name scream your style from our handpicked domain names.


We take note of your vision, ideas, and business requirements to prepare a checklist for the perfect domain name for your brand.


Our domain and hosting experts run extensive research on major domain providers to select the best platform that has the right domain name available for you.

Registration & Integration

Once we have narrowed it down to the perfect domain name, we help you get it registered and integrate it with your hosting and website.

Website Hosting Services

Control your online identity with personal or business domain name registration. Along with identity, your brand’s website also needs a place to reside on a website server somewhere on the internet. Dezign Digital is a domain and hosting wholesaler. As a quality website hosting service, we allocate space for your files and content for your customers to view on the web.

Dezign Digital aims to get you WordPress optimised hosting on one of the fastest servers in the industry.

Register your name, idea or brand and you’re online! We provide affordable domain name registration. Dezign Digital hosting speed will help to get your website ranked on top search engines, we will also automatically back it up for safety and allow uninterrupted service to your customers.

Why the hosting provided by us is the best in the industry

We do not settle for anything less than perfect. We have a dedicated team of domain and hosting specialists who pick feature-packed and trustworthy hosting providers. The hosting providers that we select offer:

Enviable speed

Minimal downtime

Substantial space

Adequate bandwidth

New-age features

Secured service

24*7 support

Automated Backups and Recovery

Our commitment to quality service ensures that once we take on your brand’s hosting responsibility, you will receive ongoing support and invaluable peace of mind.

We have a fast and proven 3-step process to find the perfect hosting provider for your brand’s website.

Deciding the right type of hosting

There are various types of hosting, including shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting etc. We help you understand the significance of each type so that you can tell us exactly what you want for your business. We also take care of the other features and functionalities and evaluate which add-ons are a perfect fit for your requirements.

Selecting the right hosting provider

The experience that you will have with your hosting depends largely on the hosting provider. Our domain and hosting specialists have first-hand experience with each hosting provider, and that’s why we can help you select the ones who offer all the benefits above.

Registration & configuration

Connecting your hosting to your domain and migrating your website to the new address requires substantial technical expertise. We help you with a seamless configuration and transition and deliver you a website that’s ready to go live!