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We are a global team of designers, developers, and project managers that build exceptional website experiences for modern brands.

At Dezign Digital Agency, our mission is to elevate the businesses we work with. We leverage innovative website design and technologies to take your business to the next level.

Dezign Digital follows best industry practice by considering 10 steps:

1. We listen to your needs

Design starts with identifying your needs and then also considering your end user needs. We find if Design companies do not deep dive into your aspirations and the overall solution for the end user, there is a high chance your vision may not be realised. We help with research, analyse data, and talk to users. We do not make assumptions and we listen to you.

2. Do more for less

Any creative implementation or design should find a way of doing something that works, we should make it reusable and be able to build upon it instead of reinventing the wheel every time. This means building designs, platforms and websites that are easily upgradable. Getting the building blocks right so you can always create more/change/update very simply later.

3. Design with knowledge

In most cases, we learn from real world behaviour by looking at existing use cases. We’ve done this enough to know what works and what does not. We let data drive decision-making, not hunches or guesswork and we can keep doing this after making your service live, prototyping, and testing with users and iterating in response. For websites SEO and Analytics should be built-in, always on and easy to read. They are an essential tool.

4. We do the hard work to make it simple for you
Making something look simple is easy. Making something simple to use is much harder – especially when the underlying systems are complex – but that’sour job and we do it well! We listen to what you want, and we design what you need. Making it easier for you – it’s the right thing to do.
5. Iterate. Then iterate again

The best way to build a good service is to start small and “iterate” (grow). Release to you and then to market what the design industry calls the “Minimum Viable Products” (MVP) early, getting regular feedback. This way we can bring your solution to live ant to market faster, your goals realised faster. The key takeaway is Iteration reduces risk: it makes the big failures unlikely, and thats good for everyone.

6. Consider your market is for everyone. Worldwide..

Accessible design is good design. Everything we build should be as inclusive, legible, and readable as possible. Sometimes the people who most need our services are often the people who find them hardest to use. Let us think about those people in your design. After go-live let us check the metrics and make sure we are on the right path.  We will help you to succeed. 

7. Understanding your vision

We are not designing for a screen, we are designing for your company, your goals, and an end user need. We think hard about the context in which your market is using your services. We will not just design and handover, we will work with you hand in hand like it was our own.  We love to partner.

8. Build digital services, not websites

Digital service are vast. At Dezign Digital we are a little different – our brains just aren’t wired the same. We define a service as something that helps people to do something! Our job is to uncover your digital service(s), then create those service(s) to meet user needs. We don’t think we are here to create designs or websites. We believe the digital world must connect to the real world, so we must think about all aspects of a service, and make sure they add up to something that meets user needs.

9. Consistent Design

Design should not consider the one project. Design should consider your business, your other designs, any other websites wherever possible. Don’t have any other creations? No problems we can create the brand!  Let’s help people get familiar your brand and grow your market.  We do understand every creation is different, although when we find patterns that work, we will sit down with you share them and talk about how they could complete the puzzle.

10. Making your creation better than the rest the Dezign Digital Promise

By leveraging all these steps, we believe it will create growth and success faster. It also will not hamper you from improving or changing them in the future when we find better ways of doing things or the needs of your users change.

Consider the above and ask yourself,
do other design agency’s do this?

The “Nuts and Bolts” of What We’re
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