Rookie SEO Mistakes that Are Bringing Down Your SEO Rank 

SEO mistakes

The moment you launch your website one of the first things you learn about is Search Engine Optimisation (abbreviated a lot of the times to SEO). It’s no secret that search engine optimisation has always been key in the world of websites. It is one of the only sure-fire ways to grow your website without spending a lot of money on paid marketing and a Google AdWords agency Perth.  

Did you know some rookie mistakes could throw months of your hard efforts down the drain – we’ve seen it! Everyone makes mistakes but at Dezign Digital our experts have put together our top 5 rookie mistakes most beginners make with SEO and AdWords (and how to avoid them). 

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SEO Mistakes to Avoid as a Beginner 

Here are five simple Search Engine Optimisation mistakes that you can fix so it won’t bring down your SEO rank: 

1. Not Matching Search Intent 

Google understands that the only way to satisfy their users, is to show what they are looking for without beating around the bush. This means that your blog will only rank high on their result pages if your content can match the user’s search intent.  

An example of search intent is a user Googles the phrase – “best smartphones with good camera 2022”. Google will display a list of results with blogs that have reviews on the best smartphones with a quality camera released this year.  An e-commerce website selling smartphones, it’s not likely to be listed because it’s not matching the users search intent-ion.  

Reach out to Dezign Digital web development company Perth, we can show you the best ways to match your target audience’s search intent. 

Additional Information: This is also why so many e-commerce websites now also focus on content creation. Google ranks blogs higher than independent e-commerce pages. In fact a recent google algorithm change is now promoting video content too. 

Search Engine Optimisation is not just about what you do with your website. It’s also about building connections and spreading your message (and business) across the internet. One of the biggest mistakes that most beginners make is ignoring backlinks. What are backlinks we hear you say? Backlinks are inbound links from websites (other than your own website) that come back to a page or article on your website. Backlinks represent another website’s traffic coming to your own site. (Their website à “back linking” to your website). Long story short if you can get an article or blog posted on other websites that links back to your own, Google see’s this traffic and uses it as a metric of “Hey, people are talking about your website and this blog so it must be important, maybe we should increase its ranking.” 

Google then ranks blogs based on their domain authority. Since older and long standing websites will have the upper hand here, your best shot is to get as many “authoritative” backlinks as possible to position yourself as a trustworthy website. 

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3. Jumping on Keywords That Are Too Competitive 

Keywords (or more likely key phrases), put simply are what people would type into google to display your business in the results. Phrases like “Digital Marketing” are high volume keywords and could bring a lot of people to your website because they are typed hundreds of thousands of times each day into Google. Whereas “AdWords agency Perth” not as many searches because it’s specific. Everyone wants the high volume words, that said we see this rookie mistake all the time. Businesses trying straight away that want to reach out to the maximum number of users that they can by targeting high volume keywords. High volume keyword also come with fierce competition, making them the hardest to rank of all, especially so if you are just entering the market. 

Trying to get high volume keywords that more people search for won’t do you any good if your blog is still ranked on the 13th or 14th page. Your aim should be to get into the first page and get exposed to the biggest chunk of organic traffic.  

The right way your digital marketing company should do this is to mix both keywords with high search volume and keywords with less competition. In this way, you can be on the first few pages of Google as well as work on reaching more users with similar search intent simultaneously. Start small and grow big, go for the low hanging fruit first, build authority and then hit some stretch targets. 

Dezign Digital can help you find the right keywords for your content and optimise them for each one of your blogs. 

4. Missing Out on Internal Linking  

We mentioned above that backlinks are inbound links from other websites. Internal linking is links and linking within your own website. For example, a blog piece about AdWords may reference (link) to a product page.  

Internal linking has slowly become as important as external linking (linking to other webpages), even when your website is new. Many beginners feel that if their website does not hold much value, internal links will not affect their SEO but that’s not how it works. 

There are two benefits of adding internal links to your website. First, it gives Google an idea of your website’s structure so that it can chronologically crawl and index all your pages. 

Secondly, one blog can’t contain every piece of information related to a topic. You can break it down into several blogs, so the user keeps moving from one page to another without switching websites. 

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Bottom Line 

Search engine optimisation is a blessing and a curse at the same time, but every website and business needs to consider it. By doing so helps you get into the good books of Google and organically increase your website traffic.  

By the same token, we have seen small mistakes damage other parts of digital marketing strategies. So make sure you have a roll back strategy. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone. Our web design company Perth has SEO experts with decades of experience keen to help you accomplish your goals.  

We are happy to take calls and guide you on your own journey. Call us on 1300977099 or drop us a message today, alternatively Dezign Digital can help master the art of SEO for you.